Events FAQ's

Here are some frequent questions we get asked, we hope these answer your questions:

Q. When do I get my final race information?
Approximately 2 weeks before the race we email all registered participants with the final race information. This has everything you need to know, such as; how to get your race number, parking, Race HQ location, facilities, spectator information plus much more.

We also add this to the website page for the event.

Q. What is the closing date for entries?
The closing date for entries is either when the race is SOLD OUT or one week prior to the day.

Since 2018 all of our races have SOLD OUT weeks in advance (some have sold out within 8 hours of going on sale), so we recommend you enter early to avoid disappointment.

Q. The race is full, how can I get a place?
If you missed out on a place we are very sorry, we recommend entering early to avoid disappointment.

We do not have any places in reserve, nor are we able to squeeze just another one person in - as 100's of people ask!

Do look out for anyone transferring/selling a place. This is normally advertised on our Facebook event page for the specific race - just be careful who you are buying from, make sure they are genuine.

Q. What is the minimum age to take part?
Under England Athletics rules, the minimum age to take part in our events, on race day, is as follows:

10K road races - 15yrs

10K trail races - 17yrs

10 mile road race - 17yrs

Shorter trail races - 16yrs

5 mile road race - 15yrs

Fun Run - 4yrs

There is no maximum age limit.

Q. How will I get my race number?
Race numbers are available for advanced collection from our store in Wilmslow in the weeks leading up to the race. Please check social media and emails from us to notify participants when they have arrived with us (normally 2-3 weeks before).

If you are unable to collect your number in advance, you can collect on the day from Race HQ from 7:30am-9:00am for Sunday morning races, and 5:45pm-6:45pm for evening races.

Your Race Number has your chip timing device attached to it.

As part of our environmental policy, we do not post out race numbers - unless H&S/COVID regulations stipulate otherwise.

Q. Do you have medals and T-Shirts?
As part of our Eco drive, finisher T-shirts are optional extras for an additional fee when registering for the race.

Medals are available and included in our entry price for the following races: Trafford 10K, Alderley Edge bypass 10K, Wilmslow Summer 10K, Quarry Bank Trail Race, Southport Seaside 10K, Knutsford 10K and Wilmslow Festive 10K, Tatton Yule Yomp.

Finisher T-Shirts are available and included in our entry price, as part of our race partnership with the Race HQ hosts, for the following races: Alderley Park Winter Trail and Alderley Park Summer Trail.

If you do not wish to take a finisher medal or T-shirt, where included in the race, please decline these at the end of the race. We work with local schools. charities and other clubs to ensure any surplus t-shirts and medals are re-used or recycled.

Q. Is there a bag drop?
Yes! We have a dedicated bag drop area where our volunteers can accept a small bag (we are unable to accept loose items such as keys/coats/phones). Whilst we take every care possible of your belongings we cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage.

Q. Do you have chip timing?
The race will be electronically chip timed provided by Nifty Entries. A manual timing system will also be in operation for back up reasons. Upon completion of the event you will receive a text message with your time.

All race positions are decided on gun times (this being the time from the start of the race to the time you cross the finishing line) however chip times (this records the time taken from when you cross the start line to when you cross the finish line) will also be displayed. In the event of a prize winner having a faster gun time to chip time then the gun time would take precedence. We will display chip and gun times on the official results.

Your chip timing device is attached to the back of your race number.

Q. Do you have pacers?
Yes we do! From 40-min - 75-mins now in 2.30 min increments.

Our pacers are all volunteers who are running at a set pace to help you achieve a specific finish time. They gather at Race HQ about 1-hour before the race to get prepared, they wear a feather flag attached to a backpack so you can't miss them (if we have more than 1 person per time slot the second pacer has a paddle to hold in the air). Do go over and introduce yourself and ask for any tips about sticking with them during the race.

Q. Do you have elite entries?
Yes, please see our Elite Entry criteria page which can be found HERE.

Q. Are your courses suitable for wheelchairs?
The following courses are all wheelchair friendly:
Wilmslow Summer 10K, Alderley Edge bypass 10K, Southport Seaside 10K and Wilmslow Festive 10K.

Please contact Run North West if you would like to enter -

We are afraid not all of the courses in our portfolio are suitable to wheelchairs due to terrain and road conditions.

Q. Are your courses suitable for visually impaired runners and do you allow guides to accompany?
Each course/terrain is different, we ask that you and your guide think about the suitability of the location, terrain and obstacles and are confident in your ability to navigate the course.

We would recommend the following courses: Wilmslow Summer 10K, Alderley Edge bypass 10K, Southport Seaside 10K, Knutsford 10K and Wilmslow Festive 10K.

If you require a place for a guide to accompany you, once you have entered please contact us by email with the name and email address of your guide so that we can arrange an entry for them.

We will of course give you as much help and support as we can to enable you to take part in the event. If you have any event specific questions or would like to know more about a particular course, what we think would be hazards/obstacles for a visually impaired runner and their guide, then please call us on 01625 528887 or email

Q. What time should I arrive?
Competitors should arrive approximately one hour before the start of the race. Surrounding roads, which form part of the course, will be closed to traffic before the race starts. Please bear this in mind and allow extra time when travelling. You can find details of road closures on our website and in your race information booklet - which is emailed out approximately 2 weeks before the day.

Q. Is there a cut off time? Can I walk part of the way?
10K events: As a general guide we suggest being able to complete the course in under 1hr 45 mins (one hour and forty five minutes) - whether that is a mix of run/jog/walking. This is to help comply with the local council’s requests and to reduce as much disruption to residents and passing traffic as possible with road closures.

Trafford 10K has a cut off time of 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Trail Races: As general guide we suggest being able to complete the course in under one hour, due to the race being held in the evening and losing day light if longer than 1-hour.

Q. Is there an official Charity? Can I fundraise for Charity? How does it work if I am running for my own Charity and not your official Charity?
You do not have to raise money for Charity, it is entirely up to you.

We are committed to raising funds for our official Event Charities, however should you wish to raise funds for another charity of your choice this is totally fine with us! Please contact your chosen charity to obtain sponsor forms and support.

Run North West helps a different charity at each race. When you enter you can tick a box if you are interested in raising funds. The charity will contact you in due course to let you know how you can help and fundraise. You can then ask friends/family etc to sponsor your run. We also raise funds with several initiatives including; Fun Run entry fees, a proportion of merchandise sales, on the day food/beverage sellers & sports massage fees.

Each race has an official partner Charity, details of each can be found on the individual race page. For 2021 our official charity partners are:

  • Alderley Park Trail Races - Bruntwood
  • Alderley Edge bypass 10K - Millie's Trust
  • Knutsford 10K - Reuben's Retreat
  • Quarry Bank Trail Race: Quarry Bank Mill restoration & tree planting
  • Southport Seaside 10K - DKMS
  • Wilmslow Summer 10K & Wilmslow Festive 10K - The Christie Charity
  • Tatton Yule Yomp - DKMS

Q. I'm a novice runner and haven't raced before, can I take part?
Of course! We welcome runners with a wide range of running abilities from beginners to experienced club runners.

Take a look at our training page, you might find some useful tips and training information to help you get to the start line feeling confident. We also have a 10K Training Guide.

Q. Do I need to visit a Doctor before taking part?
Although not essential, should you be in any doubt and for your own safety we recommend contacting your local GP to ensure you are fit to run.

Q. Why are your roads closed?
To ensure safety for our runners we have invested in road closures to help you get the best possible experience from the day!

Q. Do you provide water?
We provide water at around 5K (10K events) and at the finish (all events).  Eco Bottle Drop: you are welcome to take your own should you wish, we actively encourage you to bring your own pre-filled bottle for the finish as part of our Eco policy.  We will take your filled and labelled bottle to the finish line for you.

Q. Can I wear headphones?
We would strongly advise against using headphones. Using headphones can be dangerous because it distracts people and can make them unaware of their surroundings and potential hazards. We occasionally will need to direct you or may need to get emergency vehicles onto the course and may need runners to hear instructions from marshals to assist with this.

On our races where roads are not closed/partially closed, headphones MUST NOT be worn.

Q. Is the course accurate?
Yes, our 10K events are. As the event is staged under UKA licence the course is accurate to 6.2 miles and has a UKA Course Measure Certificate confirming the accuracy of the course.

Our trail races are measured with GPS technology.

Q. Is there a course map?
Yes, each race page has a course map where we are available to share them in advance.

Q. Can I get lost?
The course will be well marshalled, sign posted and marked throughout to help you along the way. We even sign post to our carparks and Race HQ on the day, as well as have volunteers stationed around the area to give you directions to the start line, toilets, bag drop, number pickup and anywhere else you might need to go.

Q. I didn't receive a confirmation email / How do I know I have entered?
Confirmation emails are automated as soon as you have entered/paid. From time to time they do go to junk folders, so please check there.
If you haven't received the confirmation email within 48-hours please contact us on as you may have mistyped your email address, which we will need to correct and re-send to you.

You can also take a look at our start list to see if you have already registered, take a look HERE

Q. Why is there a booking fee?
We work with a third party company who provide all the entry systems to ensure we have the best possible checkout and entry experience. This includes the ability to transfer your entry free of charge. We cover some of this cost through the booking fee. If you enter using one of our race deals you will only pay one booking fee.

Q. Do you have any Terms and Conditions?
We do. You can find a copy of our event T&C's on the Nifty Entries event page, specific for the event you are interested in - as not all of our events have the same T&C's.

Q. I can no longer take part, what are my options?
Unfortunately due to the substantial costs in staging an event we cannot defer entries. Although we provide a transfer system via Nifty Entries. Either log into nifty entries and find your race entry, click the transfer button OR find your original confirmation email, click the "transfer" button and follow the steps. The new runner will need to accept the place and enter their details in full, otherwise the place will not fully transfer. Any exchange of payment must be done between the two participants.

Q. Do you have an Eco/Environmental Policy?
Yes we do! Please click HERE to see our current Environmental Policy and how we go about lowering our carbon footprint at all of our events. The only time we would have to deviate away from our policy, is in the event of H&S/COVID risks - which we do hope you understand as our runners/spectator/volunteer safety is paramount.

Q. Can I volunteer to help at the race?
Yes, of course you can!

If you’d like to come along on the day and help out in anyway we would really appreciate it. We will make sure you are well looked after with Run North West goodies. Please contact us at to express your interest. 

If your question isn't answered from the above list please send an email to us