Event Safety

In order to maintain our excellent record of safety and ensure runners enjoy their morning with Run North West we kindly ask you read the below safety instructions and observe traffic regulations and marshal requests on the day of the event.

Ensure you are wearing the correct footwear for the terrain you will be running on, you are wearing suitable clothing for the weather and have suitably hydrated/fuelled to race.

Where appropriate at race locations, we also kindly request to protect the conservation of the estate that runners and spectators keep to footpaths or marked running paths at all times during the event.

Although we will carry out a course inspection on the day of/afternoon before the race please be mindful on the course of trip hazards including tree roots, branches, pot holes, uneven surfaces, cats eyes, gradient of the terrain, fatigue, contact from other competitors, shoe laces, slippery surfaces including leaves and mud and obstacles such as parked cars, traffic signs and litter.

Given the rural location of some of the courses, although very unlikely please be aware of the potential risk of horses and livestock on the course.

For your safety we will have volunteer marshals at every KM or Mile marker and marshals at all road junctions on the course, as well as security staff at major junctions on the day (please thank them if you can!).  

Marshals will also be present to assist with parking on the day at Race HQ and in town centre locations where public carparks have been arranged.

When walking to and from Race HQ/Start/Finish areas, please stick to pavements and crossing points as road closures won’t be in place during this time.

If you have any question or concerns about our event safety, please send an email to us run@runnorthwest.co.uk