Alderley Edge 10k

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9:30am on Sunday 7th July 2019

Alderley Edge 10k Race Information

Run North West is delighted to present the return of the Alderley Edge 10k. This is an amazing opportunity to run the Alderley Edge bypass whilst totally closed to all traffic over 10k supporting Millie’s Trust, a charity that aims to make First Aid training available to everybody

The race is an out & back course ran on lovely smooth tarmac! Predominately flat with only gentle undulation, this course promises fast times for club and fun runners alike. Our celebrations also include a family fun run!

Following our successful inaugural events in 2016, Run North West continues to offer you the chance to run new and varied courses, whilst answering the demand for more choice in quality, value for money races, offering the very best on the day experience.

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Run North West is delighted to present the Alderley Edge By Pass 10k at 9:30am on Sunday 7th July 2019 supporting Millie’s Trust. This is an amazing opportunity to run the Alderley Edge By pass whilst closed to all traffic over 10k. Once again we will have live entertainment along the course helping you to sing and dance your way to a personal best.

The Alderley Edge bypass opened in 2010 after decades of local campaigning to relieve Alderley Edge and Nether Alderley of the heavy through traffic, particularly at peak times. To celebrate its completion, a 5-mile race was held. Organised by Wilmslow Running Club in conjunction with several local organisations, it was to be a one off event before the cars began to role. Run North West founder Andrew Whittingham ran in that 2010 event and loved the experience of a race on a closed road that seemed ideally suited to running. Five years later when considering setting up a new company to organise races, the bypass seemed a great place to start. After negotiating with East Cheshire Council, permission was granted to repeat the 5-mile run and so Run the Bypass 2016 was announced. The event in July was a big success for a new race and attracted 875 entries. Repeat feedback was that it was a shame the road was too short for a 10k. So after the race, Andrew started to look at ways to turn the bypass 5 mile into a 10k in 2017. The answer was to start the race 400m off the bypass and so with an additional road closure approval we have achieved the wish of many of our participants. The additional 1.2 miles are either flat or downhill making it a quicker 10k than 5-miler and so now we look forward once again to the Alderley Edge 10k 2019.

The race is ran on a smooth tarmac away from Wilmslow and then turning back and running back on the same route. With only gentle undulation, this promises fast times for club and fun runners alike with PB potential.

The Bypass has lovely views of the Cheshire countryside, rarely appreciated when driving through it or running on the pavement with the noise of cars and lorries. The trees planted back in 2010 are also starting to mature.

With retail sales, activities for the kids, a cappuccino seller, hot food and an ice cream van on hand please bring your family & friends along to enjoy the unique atmosphere at our race village.

All finishers will receive a high quality bespoke medal and a commemorate training top. Water will be available at the halfway point as well as at the finish along with complimentary snacks. Check out some of previous event medals here.

All prizes are equal for male and females. Prizes will be awarded to the top five finishers. We also reward the first vet in all age groups from V35 to V80+ in 5 year increments, plus the first U20. One prize per individual. Time bonus of 29:30 male or sub 33:30 female time qualifies for a £500 cash bonus.

The race is run under UK athletics rules on an accurately measured 10k course.

Family Fun Run

We also have a 1-Mile Family Fun Run supported by Millie’s Trust and 100% of the fun run entry goes to the trust, our partner for the bypass 10k. All fun run finishers will receive a commemorative medal.

Fun Run Start Time: 9:35am Entry Fee: £5.00 Enter: Here

On the day instructions will be emailed to you before the day.  In the meantime please note that free parking is at Royal London Alderley Road SK9 1PF. A short stroll of about 200 metres to the start.

£21.00 unattached & £19.00 attached


Will my race numbers be delivered or do I have to pick them up on the day? 2019-06-27T11:30:22+00:00

On the day number pick up will be available on the day for all events, with number pick up also available in our Hyde and Wilmslow stores. Please check social media and email correspondents for the dates that number pick up is available in store.

Is there a bag drop service? 2019-06-27T11:30:48+00:00

There will be a covered bag drop area available at each event and whilst we take every care possible of your kit we cannot be held responsible for any loss.

I’d like to help out on the day, Can I? 2019-05-02T14:19:28+00:00

Yes, of course you can! If you’d like to come along on the day and help out in anyway we’d really appreciate it and we’ll make sure you’re well looked after with Run North West goodies. Please contact us at [email protected] to express your interest.

Do you have any terms and Conditions? 2017-09-19T13:13:33+00:00

Sure, you can also find a copy of our event terms and conditions on the Nifty Entires event page.

1: Conditions of Entry

By entering any events as made available on this website, competitors are agreeing to abide by the following ‘Terms & Conditions’ as outlined below.

2: Confirmation of Entry

Satisfactory completion of transaction through the online payment system confirms the applicants place in the event for which they have applied.

3: Event Information

All necessary Event Information pertaining to individual events are published on here. Please note that details of individual events as published on event specific entry forms and provisional event information is subject to change.

Updated details of any alterations to Provisional Event Information initially issued will be made available on the web no later than one week prior to the event date. It is the responsibility of participants to ensure they have accessed the relevant information relating to their event.

4: Event Withdrawal

Organising a race incurs considerable costs and these costs are met a long time before race day. The withdrawal policy is in place to protect the athletes who have entered the suppliers and also the organisers.  It is for this reason that there will be no refunds under any circumstances.

Please note, if you are injured in an accident, please claim the cost of your race entry back from the other party, we will fully support you efforts to do this wherever possible. Remember they are at fault for your loss, not you and not us.

5: Attempted Swapping of entries

Please note that the swapping of entries between participants is strictly forbidden as it invalidates insurances undertaken by the event organisers to cover the event.

6: Registration

Details of event registration times relating to specific events will be posted on here. All athletes are required to attend registration within the times specified. Applicants who do not attend registration within these times may not be allowed to participate, and will lose their right to a place in that event. It is the responsibility of participants to ensure they have accessed the relevant information relating to registration at their event.

7: Photography

The event organisers maintain the right to use images and photographs taken by their contracted photographers and volunteers at the event without informing of or recompense to event participants. These images can be used for promotional purposes as undertaken by the event organisers and their partners, which will cover a range of possible uses including advertising press and media, printed information items, editorial coverage and any other promotion directly related to the event organisers or their sponsors.

8: Event Changes

The above named Event organisers have the right to change any aspect of the event for the reason of safety without prior notice.

9: Event Cancellation If for reasons beyond the control of the Event organisers, such as adverse weather conditions and including an ‘act of God’ due to unforeseen, naturally occurring phenomenon that were unavoidable, the event, which applicants have entered is cancelled or postponed the applicants will not be permitted to a refund.

10: Right of refusal for entry

The Event organisers maintain the right to refuse or revoke entry to any applicant, where they believe that accepting the entry could prejudice the event, the promoting organisation, their sponsors, associates or staff. This right of refusal extends to include applications where acceptance is considered by the event organisers to be likely to infringe upon the enjoyment of any persons connected with the event, including staff, marshals, volunteers & other competitors.


Is the course accurate? 2018-10-26T19:11:19+00:00

Yes it is. As the event is staged under UKA License the course is accurate to 6.2 miles and has a UKA Course Measure Certificate confirming the accuracy of the course.


Do you have chip timing? 2017-09-04T16:11:22+00:00

The race will be electronically chip timed provided by Nifty Entries. A manual timing system will also be in operation for back up reasons. Upon completion of the event you will receive a text message with your time.

All race positions are decided on gun times (this being the time from the start of the race to the time you cross the finishing line) however chip times (this records the time taken from when you cross the start line to when you cross the finish line) will also be displayed. In the event of a prize winner having a faster gun time to chip time then the gun time would take precedence. We will display chip and gun times on the official results.

Where is my timing chip? 2017-09-04T16:10:57+00:00

Your timing chip is on the back of your number.

What is the closing date for entries? 2017-09-04T16:10:15+00:00

The closing date for entries is either when the race is sold out or one week prior to the day. Enter early to avoid disappointment. We will keep you updated via this website and social media for all event day news.

What is the mimimim age to take part? 2017-09-04T16:09:31+00:00

The minimum age for our 10k events is currently 15-years in accordance with British Athletics rules.

What time should I arrive before race start? 2017-09-04T16:08:56+00:00

Competitors should arrive approximately one hour before the start of the race. Surrounding roads, which form part of the course, will be closed to traffic before the race starts. Please bear this in mind and allow extra time when travelling. You can find details of road closures on our website.

Is there a cut off time to finish? 2018-08-24T21:22:45+00:00

As a general guide we suggest being able to complete the course in under one hour and forty five minutes to help comply with the local council’s requests and to reduce as much disruption to residents and passing traffic as possible with road closures.

I’m only a running novice, can I take part? 2017-09-04T16:07:53+00:00

Of course! We welcome runners with a wide range of running abilities from beginners to experienced club runners.

Why are your races on closed roads? 2017-09-04T16:07:26+00:00

To ensure safety for our runners we have invested in road closures to help you get the best possible experience from the day!

Do you have a course map? 2019-02-03T18:26:09+00:00

Yes! If you head over to the race page where you will find a map.

Do you provide water? 2017-09-04T16:02:48+00:00

We provide water at around 5k and at the finish and you’re welcome to take your own should you wish.

I have entered the race, how do I know my entry has been received? 2017-09-04T16:02:05+00:00

If you entered online you will receive a confirmation email shortly afterwards. If this did not happen please contact us to help resolve the issue. We will also contact all runners nearer the race date with final race instructions.

I can no longer take part in the race. Can I defer my entry to another event? 2017-09-04T16:01:30+00:00

Unfortuntly due to the substancial costs in staging an event we cannot defer entries although we provide a number transfer system via Nifty Entries. Just log into nifty entries and click enter the race, then you will see a transfer my entry option.

Can I get lost? 2017-09-04T16:00:56+00:00

Hopefully not! The course will be well marshalled, sign posted and marked throughout to help you along the way.

Can I walk part of the way? 2017-09-04T16:00:31+00:00

Yes. Please note that the course has a time limit as mentioned above.

Can I wear headphones? 2017-09-04T16:00:07+00:00

We would strongly advise against using headphones. Using headphones can be dangerous because it distracts people and can make them unaware. We occasionally will need to direct you or may need to get emergency vehicles onto the course and may need runners to hear instructions from marshals to assist with this.

Is the course suitable for a wheelchair? 2017-09-04T15:42:45+00:00

Yes the course is wheelchair accessible and we also have an elite wheelchair policy which you can find on our website.

How does the fundraising work? 2017-09-04T15:42:17+00:00

Run North West helps a different charity at each race. When you enter you can tick a box if you are interested in raising funds. The charity will contact you in due course offering to help you by sending a pack and also an online ‘just giving’ page. You can then ask friends/family etc to sponsor your run. We also raise funds with several initiatives including; the fun run entry fees, a proportion of merchandise sales, on the day food/beverage sellers & sports massage fees.

Can I raise money for any charity I choose? 2018-12-21T08:33:36+00:00

We are committed to raising funds for Millie’s Trust at the Alderley Edge bypass 10k, Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation at Southport Seaside 10k and The Chrisite’s and Manchester Mission Christmas (Toy drop) and The Christie at Wilmslow 10k, however should you wish to raise funds for another charity this is totally fine with us! Please contact your chosen charity to obtain sponsor forms and support.

Do I have to raise money for charity? 2017-09-04T15:40:35+00:00

No, it is not compulsory – it is entirely up to you but we highly recommend it!

Do I need to visit a doctor prior to competing? 2017-09-04T15:39:58+00:00

Although not essential, should you be in any doubt and for your own safety we recommend contacting your local GP to ensure you’re fit to run.

Do I get a medal? 2018-10-26T15:49:45+00:00

Yes! Everyone who completes the course on the day will receive a medal to add to their collection.

Please notes medals are only available for the Wilmslow 10k, Alderley Edge 10k and Southport Seaside 10k. If you’d like a medal at Trafford this is an additional £2.

Why do you charge a booking fee? 2019-03-05T11:52:46+00:00

We work with a third party company who provide all the entry systems to ensure we have the best possible checkout and entry experience. This includes the ability to transfer your entry free of charge. We cover some of this cost through the booking fee. If you enter using one of our race deals you will only pay one booking fee.


The race is ran on a smooth tarmac away from Wilmslow and then turning back and running back on the same route. With only gentle undulation, this promises fast times for club and fun runners alike with PB potential.

Course Map

Alderley Edge Course Map


Adequate parking from 7.45am is available by the very kind help of Royal London, which is free to all users. Marshals will be present to assist with parking and will be clearly visible in yellow bibs as well as signage to help direct you. We do have a lot of parking but if you can please arrange to share lifts and car share on the day we’d be extremely grateful.

Event postcode: SK9 1PF


We’re delighted to be working alongside Millie’s Trust for the Alderley Edge Bypass 10k 2019. Millie’s Trust was created by the parents of Millie Thompson who tragically passed away in a choking incident in October 2012. The aim of the trust is to make first aid more widely and more economically available. We are proud to support Millie’s Trust and their incredible work.

Family Fun Run

Come and join us for our Millie’s Trust Family Fun Run starting at 9:35am immediately after the 10k race. All entries from the fun run will be donated to Millie’s Trust with all finishers receiving a finishers medal.

Event Safety

In order to maintain our excellent record of safety and ensure runners enjoy their morning with Run North West we kindly ask you read the below safety instructions and observe traffic regulations and marshal requests on the day of the event.

Although we will carry out a course inspection on the morning of the race please be mindful on the course of trip hazards including pot holes, uneven road surfaces, cats eyes, gradient of the road, fatigue, contact from other competitors, shoe laces, leaves & branches, slippery surfaces including oil and fuel and obstacles such as parked cars, traffic signs and litter.

We are very fortunate to be running along the smooth tarmac surface along the Bypass so hazards on route are very low but please be careful.

Given the rural location of the course, although very unlikely please be aware of the potential risk of horses and livestock on the course.

For your safety we will have volunteer marshals at every km (please thank them if you can!) and marshals at all road junctions on the course, as well as security staff at major junctions on the day.

Marshals will also be present to assist with parking on the day both in town centre (Wilmslow 10k) and Royal London. When walking to and from the finish please stick to pavements and crossing points as road closures won’t be in place during this time. A pavement is available back to Wilmslow from the finish of the Wilmslow 10k as well as free shuttle buses for your convenience.