Wilmslow Resident Information and Road Closures

Wilmslow 10k Road Closures and Resident Information

This years Wilmslow 10k takes place on Sunday 24th November 2019 starting outside Hoopers at 9.30am. Over 4,000 participants will run the route from Wilmslow town centre out in a loop down Knutsford Road and finishing at Mobberley Road on the outskirts of Wilmslow.

Stone Master Marathoners Wilmslow 10k


We will be again using a rolling short-term road closure on the morning of the event, which may effect your home or business if you live on the route. The safety of participants and residents is our absolute priority and for this reason the whole 10k route is ran on fully closed roads.


We have a legal road closures permitted by Cheshire East Council from 8am until 12 noon however, we will endeavor to close each road for as short a period of time as possible to minimise disruption. As the last runner passes through each section of the course we will re-open the road behind with approximate timings as follows;

  • Alderley Road (from Hoopers to the Kings Arms roundabout) 8:30am until 10:00am
  • Knutsford Road 9:00am until 10:30am
  • B5085 Knutsford Rd 9:15am until 11:00am
  • Newton Hall Lane 9:20am until 11:30am
  • Burleyhurst Lane to Morley Green Road junction 9:25am until 11:30am
  • Morley Green Road junction along Mobberley Road to the Altrincham Road junction 8:00am until 12noon (finish area)

We will position over 100 marshals onto the route for the safety of runners and residents. No vehicles, excluding a blue light emergency, will be permitted to enter or leave the route during the closure. Any car, which breaks this rule, will be immediately reported to the police as they risk the safety of both themselves and the event participants.

This event brings a huge boost to the town with a large increase in trade for many of our town’s retailers and we hope you can have some patience as we appreciate that not being able to leave your home by motor vehicle even for a short period is an inconvenience. Many runners are from outside the area and are visiting Wilmslow for the first time, it is hoped that they will see how lovely our town is and visit on a regular basis. We encourage residents to come out and give our runners some encouragement as fitness contributes positivity in our modern society.

If you have anymore questions regarding the road closures in operation on the day please don’t hesitate to contact us at run@runnorthwest.co.uk

Thanks Run North West