Trafford 10k Stories

Excitement is building with less than 1-week to go until the Trafford 10k. 950 runners will line up chasing an early season personal best on the notoriously quick route around the picturesque country roads surrounding Partington and Dunham Massey Village. 

However it’s not all about PB hunting with lots of runners running for many different reasons, from first time runners, to those raising money for charity or running in memory of a loved one to experienced runners preparing for Spring marathons, everyone has their own reasons for taking part in this weeks sell out event. 

Kevin Proctor joins us as an executive member for Sports Development at Trafford Council and has a strong message behind his reason for running. 

“As the Trafford Council Executive member for Sports Development I am really pleased to be taking part in the Trafford 10k run on the 10th March.I would like to thank Run North West for organising this event.

“As a Council we do want to encourage more active and healthier lifestyles and things like the 10k help us to achieve this in Trafford. For me personally, preparing for this run has really helped me to increase my training regime, and I will hopefully improve on my previous 10k race time. Good luck to everyone who is taking part. I hope that you all have an enjoyable day, and it would be great if this encourages those of you who have not entered a race before to take up running in the future”

Joanne Harding is running the Trafford 10k as part of a group of Trafford Councillors who are looking to raise some much needed funds for some really worthwhile local projects.

Read more about the fantastic work Joanne and her team are doing here.

“We are quite anxious as we are not natural athletes! However we know that we are incredibly privileged in having a local voice and we want to put it to good use in letting people know about the great work that is going on in Trafford.”

“Personally I battle with anxiety and constantly strive to manage it, running has been one of the things that really helps. I just stick on my headphones and put one foot in front of the other! I didn’t run my first 10k until I was 50 so if I can inspire anybody else to pull on the trainers then I will be pleased.”

Joanne added her top tip ahead of race day,

“Don’t set unrealistic goals, just aim to finish and mist of all have fun and be really proud when you complete. Good luck to all the runners.”

Pilates teacher David Edmondson has an inspiring story having been selected to run for  England V50 10K team in May and is using this Sunday’s race as a stepping stone ahead of the upcoming international in Birmingham. David has successfully been using Pilates to help correct some of the gait and posture issues, which where found to be the root cause of his injuries.

“I ended up resigning form my Secondary teaching career and moved to teaching Pilates full time with some specialist Pilates for Runners Classes. Going self employed also encouraged me to move from fell and cross country racing to road racing, something that I’ve not done too much of in the past.

“Things have gone well and a few weeks later ran just over 37 minutes at the Telford 10K to get an England V50 selection. I’ve since taken my 10K time down to 36:48. Not bad times considering over the last 12 months I’ve only averaged 25 miles a week; my lowest average for some years! Now I have the correct movement patterns, stability and strength I can begin building the mileage up again and we’ll see what I can do?”

Like many runners on Sunday, Angela Smyth started with a C25K app and hasn’t looked back since. 

“I’ve never enjoyed running before until now. Training with the BBC get inspired C25k app has made it sooo enjoyable because it’s gentle and I can actually feel progress without having to think about it. Unbelievable! My motivation to run is to break through mental barriers and to do more than I thought I could, a positive mindset that carries on into other aspects of my life. I’ve also joined a running community online called ‘Solemother’ where women support and encourage women to do and be the best they can be.

“My goal for race day is to take in the atmosphere, run as much as I can and to have a great time with people I will meet. If you feel inspired but not sure if you can run just try following the guidance on the app mentioned above and it will gently introduce you to running and by week nine you’ll be running 5k then it’s onwards and upwards!”

Mileshy Trafford 10k

We’re delighted to welcome runners from the MileShy Club based in Sale with Alice Cleary part of a group of around 20 runners from the group taking on the Trafford 10k.

“I’m looking for a new PB in my first race this year but for some of our group this is their first ever 10k after following the couch to 5k plan. Nearly everyone joined our group as a non-runner but training in a group pushes you to achieve more than you believed you ever could! Our motto is ‘no one gets left behind’ so you will see us supporting each other in our fluorescent yellow t-shirts and cheering to celebrate everyone’s achievements at the finish line!”

Trail runner Michael Stansfield is taking part this weekend looking to run a personal best.

“My training has gone well all season as I did both cross county leagues including the Run North West sponsored MACCL and the SELCC so after that I thought I would like to improve on my road running. 

“I joined East Cheshire Harriers two seasons ago as I wanted some structure to my training as I’ve never had that running on my own. I’ve just started circuit training on Monday night to help get stronger, with running sessions Tuesday and Thursday with a long run Saturday morning and hill training on a Sunday with Harry Kelly for strength and stamina at Daisynook. On top of that I run the odd trial run with our dog Doogie and now my wife and kids have joined and I was hoping for a time of 37 something at Trafford”.

The Trafford 10km has a special place in Owen Hind’s memory after running a personal best when he competed previously in 2015 and 2016. 

“It was one of the first events I felt truly part of the UK competitive running scene after race director (and Hyde store manager) Dave Norman went out of his way to encourage me to run. The race ethos truly has the best interest of runners at its heart, and I love being part of that.

“After a winter of essentially uninterrupted training and with mileage consistency ticking over, I’m looking forward to putting myself in the mix at the sharp end next Sunday and see what comes out of it. Hopefully three for three in Partington.”

Owen has some helpful advice if you’re new to running this weekend. 

“Enjoy the nerves as you pin your race number on, I can assure you every athlete feels the same butterflies. Enjoy the feeling of being outside of your comfort zone, because that’s what triggers your body to adapt and get better. But most of all, enjoy the feeling of challenging yourself because it’s the only way we know what we’re capable of.”

Ben Strutt is using the Trafford 10k as tune up race and is looking to break the 40-minute barrier ahead of a summer of racing triathlon.

“I didn’t start racing triathlons until I was 46, I got hooked, joined Manchester Triathlon Club and now train 6 days a week.

“It keeps me out of trouble, and even though I’m getting older, every year I get a bit faster, and if I can do it anyone can! There’s no trick, and you don’t need to be a ‘natural’ you just need to train consistently all year round, that’s the key.

Ben is working hard on his running speed in preparation for the Duathlon Age-Group World Championships in Spain next month.

Like Ben, Callum Davidson is using the Trafford 10k to help work on his speed. 

“I am using Trafford as a sharpener 5 weeks out from Brighton Marathon but still hope to beat my PB (31:03) in the process. Therefore my training has been volume based, but I have luckily managed to retain at least one high quality speed session and lactate threshold session per week, this showed as I managed to run 15:09 at a monsoon Podium 5km this weekend. 

“I have been massively helped by the support of On Running throughout this process with both training shoes and high quality clothing that has certainly put the fun into the run and motivated me to get out on those long early runs. I am a firm believer that running is a simple sport requiring lots of easy running, two speed/faster sessions a week and adequate rest and recovery. However, simply enjoying running is 99% of the battle, as regardless of how much extrinsic motivation is on offer, intrinsic motivation is key for longevity in sport”.

Joanne Clarke is joining the fun on Sunday a month short of turning 45 preparing to run her first 10k, the longest distance Joanne has ran in over 30 years.

“I used to run competitively in 200m races as a teenager, I’m built for speed not distance but got into boys and going out and running became a distant memory. A new parkrun was set up on my doorstep about 18 months ago and I thought I’d give it ago and surprisingly really enjoyed it but after a few months my PB’s stopped, I tried going out for a run mid week but could never get motivated. Then I saw a banner for a local running club, stalked them on Facebook for months and eventually plucked up the courage to attend and it was a revelation; you could run and enjoy it rather endure it! So 6 months later with a weekly parkrun and a mid week 5k-10k improvers session with the club I’m ready to give it a go. My advice to anyone would be join a running club for advice, motivation and friendship!”

Thank you to all the contributors to help share the story of this years Trafford 10k. We hope you’re as excited as we are to line up on race day. Best of luck to everyone racing on Sunday and to all those who are racing Spring marathons and other events down the line. 

If you’ve missed out on Trafford but would like to run another Run North West event in 2019 then checkout this link today.