Runner of the Month for June

Paul Waters

Wow. Let me start of by saying what an absolutely buzz of a feeling to be the athlete of the month, because let me tell you all, its been a long winding road to be where I am today. It all started on a may bank holiday 2016 I heard there was a Liverpool rock n roll marathon happening down on the docks, at this point I had stopped running altogether, I last ran any events in 2013. So I got up early and headed out straight down to see the runners and the atmosphere was already starting to hit me as you could hear the music and the supporting people cheering and clapping, at this point I was already starting to pick up the running bug again.

After cheering on a lot of the runners across the line, I looked at my girlfriend and she looked at me, we both said, lets do a half marathon. Just like that, we signed up to the btr race, the Wirral half marathon, in the September that year, the only problem, I hadn’t ran a single mile in years, where do I start? How do we approach this crazy impulsive plan of ours. I remember approaching Sophie Whiteside, Jonny’s partner, the power couple of running may I add! back in 2013 for a 10k plan. Jonny responded to my cries of help email and explained to me, about his online plan. I didn’t need to think twice, to be coached by one of the best runners out there. After months of hard work and training, the day had arrived; I was running a half marathon! Oh I was running for the charity, the retired greyhound trust too, at this point, I had a lot of sponsors so I was determined to conquer this half. Reassuring words and advice from the coach put me to ease, and I was ready. 13.1 miles later, I crossed the line in under 1:41. I did it!! I ran a half marathon. I’m not going to lie, I cried, full of joy and the relief.

What now I hear you say? No more? Oh no. I was running a 5k fun run around Liverpool dressed as Forrest Gump shortly after that, and I had a 10k race in mind in October. I had always been around 45mins for a 10k previously, so I wanted to smash that time if anything. October came, and I ran a 10k in 43 mins. At this point I was ready to take on the world! Then disaster! I pulled my groin. So after words with Jonny, and talking to the group via whatsApp, I was recommended by Michael Dunne, Jamie at the Treatment Table Physiotherapy Clinic. I wasn’t going to let this injury beat me. I was out for a while, by this time I had lost all joy, not being able to run, Christmas came and gone, I hadn’t ran at all, I started to lose my running bug again. After breaking up with my girlfriend end of this January, I needed something to keep me occupied. I wanted that feeling again, so I got myself into shape, joined a running club, got back onto the coaching plan with Jonny, few injuries and setbacks later, April. 5 miles in hale village, I was ready to run again. 34:58. we did it. I completed my first run since everything. Few months have past, since and here I am, writing this blog.

I’ve gone and achieved a lot of PBs since that day in April, 19:17 for a 5k. I’ve run a half marathon in 1:33, another 5 mile in 32:14. So thank you to Jonny, for finding my love for running again, without you none of this is happening oh and special thank you to the group, you are all inspirational to me.

Keep on running


Favourite pair of running shoes?

This has been a rollercoaster of a topic. I had my gait tested after signing up for the half marathon, I was told, that due to how I run, the best pair recommended to me was “on” cloud. Not the most popular choice by most people. But they got me through a lot. After a number of trial and errors, I’m now running in Nike Pegasus and new balance 1400s

Favourite place to run?

Has to be the run, I go on with my running club, halewood to hale village onto the estuary. You feel like you’re not in a city but somewhere far

Who inspired you to start running?

I think back in 2013, I wasn’t inspired, but I know the atmosphere in the rock n roll marathon in 2016 and the runners inspired me to be a runner and a better one then I was in 2013

First race?

The spring 10k in 2013. I hadn’t done that far in my training plan, I didn’t know how to tackle it, I ran it in a hour and something.

What do you love most about running?

The buzz you get when you’ve completed a race, the people around you share the same feeling, just it’s a thrill that no one understands unless you run. I can’t stop talking about it. Pretty sure my family hates that about me

What are three things still left on your running bucket list?

To run a race abroad

To run a marathon.

To finish in a top 3 in a race one day

 Interests away from running?

As cliche as it sounds, I have thrown myself into running so much I don’t have much time to do other things. I love being at the gym twice a week though, I’m a huge fan of the sci fi genre though, movies are my thing, and I love football.

 Invite four famous people to dinner, who would you choose and why?

Forrest Gump – his running influence and his stories.

RobertDowneyJr- I just love iron man

Peter Kay – he’ll bring the humour to the table

Gordon Ramsey – he’s cooking and doesn’t hold back – motivational speaker

 Go on a road trip with any person (dead or alive), who would you choose and where would you go?

Route 66 with DitaVonTeese

 If you were an animal, what would you be and why?

I would have to be a bear, hibernate all winter. Then hunt rest of the year eating fresh fish!

 Date, marry, or make disappear forever? (Rachel, Monica, Phoebe from Friends)

Date Monica

Marry Rachel and to make Phoebe disappear


Quick fire round… 

Coffee or tea? Coffee

Books or movies? Movies

Pepsi or Coke? Neither

Cadburys or Galaxy? Galaxy

Crunchy or Smooth? Smooth

Winter or summer? Summer

Dancing or singing? Dancing

‘Netflix and chill’ or cinema? Netflix and chill

Horror or comedy? Comedy

Wine or beer? Neither

Fruit or vegetables? Fruit

Hot or cold? Hot

Tempo or track? Tempo

eBay or Amazon? Amazon

iOS or Android? iOS

Mac or PC? PC

Save or spend? Spend

Ocean or mountains? Ocean

City or countryside? Countryside

Bath or Shower? Both

Cats or dogs? Dogs

Liverpool or Everton? Liverpool