Polar M430

Polar M430

Having previously been a Garmin user I made the switch to Polar and have to say I have been very impressed with the watch and supporting mobile app so far.

First impressions the watch looks good and is loaded with features including GPS and of course heart rate. I don’t use it for smart notifications but you can set this up if you want so that it vibrates when you get messages and updates through on your phone.

Polar has often been one of the leaders in terms of HR monitors and the reading from the wrist-based monitor seems to be pretty accurate. I often use the multi sport function on the watch, especially while I’ve been injured, which has been great for motivation when cross training in the pool and on the bike.

The GPS is also very accurate and I have run with friends using Garmin’s and it has gone off at the same time as their watches.

The mobile app is brilliant for stats and includes maps of where you’ve ran along with lots of data for the running geeks amongst us. I particularly like being able to keep track of all my data over time and being able to see how I’ve improved.

The watch looks good but also fits nicely on my wrist and compliments my gym and running outfits, which of course is very important! It might not be as good looking as an Apple watch but I still think it is attractive. I like to be different and think the white watch stands out and it’s nice to have something a little different to the Garmin but with all of the same features. It also syncs with Strava and TrainingPeaks with no issues to report so far.

Battery life and price are both very important and I think you get a lot for your money with the Polar M430. It’s a very affordable watch if you’re looking to purchase your first GPS watch and HR monitor. The battery life is great, although with being injured I haven’t used it as much as I might of done normally to give this a fully accurate review. I certainly charge it less than my partners GPS watch!

If you’re looking for an affordable watch with all the features that is perfect for multi sport activities then I’d highly recommend this watch.

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Review by assistant manager Sophie Whiteside