New Year New You

Happy New Year to all of our Run North West family! Here’s to a fitter, faster 2019 with our top tips for making next year your best yet!

Unsurprisingly most runners will set New Year’s resolutions as we move into the year 2019. Many of the post Christmas promises will include improving your health and often signing up for a new challenge. Whether that is signing up for your first event, making the step up from parkrun or improving your personal best we have something for everyone in 2019.

Runners will always benefit from setting a New Year’s resolution, but goal setting needs to be challenging yet attainable to ensure you stay on track.

For example if your New Year’s resolution is to set a time specific goal such as a personal best over 10k we recommend setting a finish time a little beyond your expectations to help push you to run that bit faster but not too fast that it is unrealistic! Write your goal down and tell friends and family about it, which helps to visualise your goal and also help get your loved ones on board to help support you along the way.

Feel free to share your New Year’s resolutions and goals on social media using the hashtag #RunNorthWest – we’d love to see them all!

New Years Resolutions

Our Top Tips for achieving (and sticking) to your New Year’s resolutions;

  • Enter a Race – Ok so we’re a little biased here but entering a race can help give your training a focus and setting a goal can inject your running life with new energy. There’s nothing like a date in your diary to keep you committed to your training. With four amazing 10k events to consider in 2019 we have the perfect range of events to help you make it a memorable year of running.
  • New Challenge – Fed up of doing the same things over and over again? Why not do something new in 2019? Is it time for a new distance? Perhaps running over new terrain? Quarry Bank Trail race is perfect for experienced and newbie trail runners ran around the picturesque setting of Quarry Bank Mill. Or why not step up to the marathon distance or run a triathlon and help raise money for charity?
  • Have Fun – Whether it’s racing or jogging to keep fit do what you enjoy the most! Do more of what you love in 2019, hit the open countryside or join a running club and meet new friends. Studies show that runners who smiled during exercise had a lower perceived rate of exertion than those who did not. Remember, a happy runner is a fast runner!
  • Run with Others – Running with a group of friends is great for motivation and accountability. Joining a local club or running community is not only a brilliant way to meet new friends but it’s also a fantastic way to learn from more experienced runners. Also arranging to meet others for a run means you’re much more likely to escape the sofa!
  • It’s Not All About You – Make it a resolution to encourage someone else to take up running in 2019. Running is the perfect way to keep fit and often some people just need a little bit of friendly encouragement to help them on their journey. Or why not consider volunteering at an event or helping with pace making duties? The perfect way to give back to the sport you love.

Still struggling to think of a new resolution? Check out our other top ideas below;

  • Sleep more
  • Keep a running diary
  • Train consistently
  • Stretch more
  • Have a confident mindset
  • Work on your weaknesses
  • Improve your strength in the gym

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