New Balance 1080 v9

New Balance 1080v9

My first impressions of the new version (9) of the 1080’s was very different to my impression now, I tried them on and wasn’t too sure whether I liked them as they were such a different design compared to the version 8’s.

I then tried them again and had them on a bit longer, although first impressions count, always try a second time!

I believe although the new version is quite different, the changes made by New Balance are all positive. Comparing them to the older version I felt like they were a little firmer in the sense that I felt a lot more secure in the shoe and even with the good level of cushioning in the shoe they felt nice and light.

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I tried them out on the treadmill and again they felt like a good firm shoe giving me the support I like around the ankle, while feeling light and soft when running. Since wearing them for a few more runs outside they feel the same, firm, soft and light.

The big changes in the 1080 have just made it a even better trainer and they will be my go to for any mileage!

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Product review by store assistant Akkeal Chambers 

1080v9 review