Gait Analysis

Gait analysis is available free in store at Run North West and a very important method for identifying the way in which you run. No matter how long you’ve been running for a regular gait analysis is an important step in helping to prevent injuries and improve running efficiency.

Gait analysis

As part of our comprehensive fitting process we use cutting edge video technology to determine your foot strike and degree of pronation. This can then show us if your foot rolls inwards (pronates), doesn’t roll inward enough (overprontates/supinates) or is a neutral gait.

Foot types

Video of in store gait analysis

The first stage of the analysis is to capture a short video of you running, around 20-seconds on the in store treadmill in a neutral shoe. This will then help highlight any abnormalities in your gait.

Using the video analysis our trained staff can then identify a suitable type of trainer appropriate for you by slowing down the footage to look at leg and body movement. By slowing down the footage we can then identify certain movements, which can be triggering injuries. We also take into account any history of injuries, the surface you run on and amount of running you currently do.

Based on the information above we’ll then select a second pair of shoes suited to your foot type and the way in which you run. After you’ve completed a second run we can then compare the footage to assess the results.

The whole process takes about 10-minutes and will require a total of 60-seconds of running. Once we’ve identified a suitable shoe you can then try on as many shoes from our range as you wish to find the perfect fit and comfort for you. We stock leading running brands including adidas, Altra, Asics, Brooks, Inov-8, Hoka New Balance, On and Saucony.

There’s no need to book in advance so call in today for a free no obligation gait analysis.  We look forward to seeing you in store soon.