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Here you’ll gain access to lots of fantastic features helping you on your running journey. For more assistance with training programmes please contact Jonny at JM Coaching

From nutrition advice and meal recipes to running technique and drills we hope you find the members zone helpful, motivational and fun.

We’ll be continuing to add to this page with useful tips and advice so if you have any questions training, website or event related please don’t hesitate to ask!



Online Run Coaching

JM Coaching goes the extra mile to offer coaching services that fit in around your current daily schedule, rather than having to fit your life around your training programme for just £36 per month.

Following a detailed assessment of your training history, lifestyle and working backwards from your goals and aims to help you achieve your targets.

Fully personalised one to one schedules follow the athlete, rather than the plan. Coaching plans will be updated and posted weekly via TrainingPeaks, which help you monitor and analyse your performance and development.

The bespoke plans are dynamic and can change on a weekly basis and fit in with the runners lifestyle rather than a generic training programme. So if you have a hectic week of meetings planned and need training to fit in around that, or your work schedule changes on a week to week basis then one to one coaching might be the best fit for you.
For more information and to contact Jonny, please visit JM Coaching today!

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#Project240 I write this as I'm moving into week six of the biggest training block [...]

Post VLM 2017 Recovery

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Duncan McCombe: £10,000 in 10-months!

October 16th, 2017|Comments Off on Duncan McCombe: £10,000 in 10-months!

Out of the thousands of runners taking part in the Wilmslow Festive 10k there are hundreds of reasons why people lace up their trainers and line up on the start line. Happy, sad, funny, inspiring– each and every reason is as powerful and personal as the next. Duncan McCombe is [...]


Share your running journey

Become part of our community, offering support, sharing insights, highs, lows and ongoing love of running. Private Facebook discussion with ongoing support from JM Coaching as well as sharing that day-to-day grind!

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Book review: Running with the Buffaloes

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When I was reading Jonny's book recommendations, he listed all of my favourite books, but [...]


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After the hype of Nike Breaking 2 project they have released the first consumer version of [...]

SiS Go Gel Review

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Today’s review is the Science in Sport (SiS) Go Isotonic Energy Gel. The SiS gel is [...]

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Tutorials & Guides

Core Circuit

July 28th, 2017|Comments Off on Core Circuit

Very basic but effective core routine that works the following core muslces including the pelvic [...]

Clam Routine

July 28th, 2017|Comments Off on Clam Routine

Runners typically have weak gluteus medius muscles, more technically referred to as ‘weak bums’, which [...]

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