Wilmslow Summer 10K - Race Information

SUNDAY 11TH JULY 2021 • 9:30AM


Race Director – Andrew Whittingham | Licence number: 2021 - 41432
Ran under UKA rules


Thank you for joining us at our first Wilmslow Summer 10K, we are really excited to welcome you back to the start line of a Run North West race! 
This race will be held under Stage 3 COVID restrictions as agreed with our stakeholders.  This means there are some changes to race day for the safety of all runners.  Please read this booklet carefully as these changes and instructions are detailed below.


The start will be managed in 3 Waves, your allocated wave will be easy to find by following clear signage around Wilmslow Town Centre upon your arrival.  Marshalls will be available to guide you.  All participants should be in place in all 3 waves by 9:30 at the latest.



Wave 1 - Line up in the large start area between Sainsbury’s and the lights opposite Barclays.
Wave 2. In the carpark adjacent to Sainsburys.
Wave 3. At the Leisure Centre on the Cricket pitch (Race HQ).
Your race number also has a letter from A-H on it.  In each of these wave areas you will find large signs from A-H to guide you into your pre-race, socially distanced waiting area.

Wave 1 will line up in a socially distanced manner in the start area using the large signs from A to H as a guide.  We will not be using any barriers to keep you all safely and adequately distanced.  Please congregate near your letter area which is shown on the front of your race number.
Waves 2 and 3 will be managed to the start in letter order as this will minimise overtaking on the course (allocated letters are mainly set by estimated finish time). Please listen to your Wave Manager in your area. For Waves 2 and 3 they will walk you through to the start once each previous Wave has departed.  Wave managers will be using a public address system to take you to the start line so please listen for their instructions.
As you approach the start you will be guided onto socially distanced markers and will walk from marker to marker until you reach the start and can then begin, all timing is by chip so your race time will begin when you personally cross the start line mats.
Please go to your wave area upon arrival, we have adequate socially distance toilet facilities in these areas. They are attended and will have hand sanitiser, please use this.

We estimate it will take approximately 20 minutes to start all participants.


  • No spectators/friends/family to attend the event.
  • Our finish area has a complete lockdown and ban on anyone other than participants. Marshals will be in place to ensure this happens.
  • We strongly recommend taking a lateral flow test prior to travel -  do not attend should this prove positive.
  • Do not attend if you have any symptoms of COVID.
  • Minimise travel as per the Governments advise and please email us if you are unable to attend. 
  • Under no circumstance give your race number to another person, this will lead to disqualification.
  • Runners may wish to carry their own sanitiser (this will also be available around Race HQ and start/finish line areas and will be regularly replenished).
  • All pre and post-race organisation areas (i.e. emergency help desk), will be outdoors. Where a tent/gazebo is in operation the sides will be open to allow ventilation – with the exception of the medical tent to allow privacy for treating patients.
  • Runners may wish to bring and wear a mask at certain times throughout the race i.e. attending the open help desk tent, approaching marshals for help, moving along the start area where volunteers will be directing.
  • We ask all runners to follow current Government guidance at all times throughout the event.  
  • Race numbers are printed and have been posted out to participants, if your number does not arrive we will have a few spare numbers at our outdoor Race HQ so please report there to get a new number on race day morning.
  • Your race number will have your Wave information (1, 2 or 3).  To comply with our COVID secure measures and operational plans we ask all runners to stay in their allocated wave.  Please look out for Wave 1, 2 or 3 signs when you arrive in Wilmslow to guide you to your correct wave waiting area.
  • Please refrain from spitting and nasal clearance on the course.
  • Please be mindful of your surroundings and impact on other participants, volunteers and the general public.  Do not run with children or dogs on this occasion.
  • At the finish please collect your well earned medal, water and nutrition bar from the self service tables.  Please dispose of any wrappers responsibly.
  • It is very important that you leave the finish area on completion of your 10K quickly and efficiently as we must comply with social distancing, please continue to walk down towards Wilmslow.  The closest area to meet up with fellow runners is the carpark of the new Hickory's/Premier Inn which is approximately 1/4 mile from the finish.

Please note we do not have any bag drop due to COVID restrictions, please leave your belongings in your cars where possible, any clothing left at the start line will be carefully disposed of.
Please use the hand Sanitiser stations provided.
If driving then please note we are using several car parks to maximise social distancing, our marshals will guide you into the appropriate car park and then signage will guide you to your appropriate wave areas, to toilets and if required to Race HQ.  The maximum walk from any carpark to your wave area is 10 minutes.
If you have any COVID related concerns on the day then please visit our Covid hub outside at race HQ at the Leisure Centre, or speak to one of our COVID officers who are identified by wearing COVID officer red vests.
After finishing please make your way back to the car parks which are about 1 mile from the finish. Under the current restrictions we ask that you leave Wilmslow once you have completed the event and take all of your rubbish away to dispose of at home.
Please take the time to carefully read this information booklet which contains all the information you need to know pre and post-race, including any important COVID health and safety information. If you have any questions that are not answered within the booklet, please contact us via social media or email run@runnorthwest.co.uk
Thank you for choosing a Run North West Race!


There are bike storage areas at Wilmslow Leisure centre and around Wilmslow Town Centre.
Public Transport
The nearest train station to the start line is Wilmslow – over the road from Race HQ and 0.3 miles from the start line.
Car and parking facilities
Please arrive early to avoid any road closures. We will have car park marshals around the town centre who are connected by radio and will direct you to the carparks. Please follow their instruction to avoid congestion and ensure we maximise social distancing.
Car parks we have access to are:


Numbers must be attached to the front of your vest, please do not fold/cut/deface it in anyway. The timing chip is attached to the back of your number and is detected when you cross the start and the finish. Please do not run around the outside of the mat area or your time will not be recorded.
Please also take the time to fill in your emergency contact details on the reverse of the number prior to running, in the unfortunate event of an emergency, these can help medics to treat you swiftly and appropriately.
Please DO NOT run is someone else’s number as it is against UKA rules, it can cause problems with the results and could also cause a lot of distress should there be an incident and the wrong family are contacted. 

Portable toilets will be located in the 3 wave locations this will include an accessible toilet in the Wave 1 area.  There will also be a few toilets located at the finish area (Sandy Lane). Please note that runners WILL NOT be allowed access to the Leisure Centre to go to the toilet due to Covid restrictions.

The race is a 1 lap course, starting outside Hoopers Department Store on Alderley Road and finishing on Mobberley Road. Please note the start and finish are in different locations, just over 1-mile apart.
The course has been measured and is certified to be an accurate 10k course.

We strongly advise against the use of personal music players or headphones during the race, as this can restrict your ability to hear safety instructions from marshals or unexpected events.


First aid is situated at various points along the course. Should you feel unwell during the race please let your nearest marshal know so we can arrange for medics to get to you as soon as possible. If you come across anyone injured or in distress, please report it to the nearest marshal who will be in contact with our event team and our first aid providers. First aid is also available at the start and finish areas.
Please also fill in your personal details section on the reverse of your race number. This greatly assists the medical staff, should you require first aid or medical treatment!

Water will be provided in 330ml sports cap bottles situated around halfway and at the finish, please only take water when you need it. As we are hosting a Covid restricted event, please note should you require half way water you may need to slow down as this is by self service from a table on this occasion.  It would be most helpful if you could consider carrying your own water for both Covid and environmental reasons.
We kindly request that bottles are not thrown into bushes or residents gardens, and that consideration is given to not drop them on the course to cause the runner behind a hazard. Please dispense your bottle into the bins/sacks provided, or carefully throw them to the kerbside.
Our wonderful volunteers will ensure that the course is litter free afterwards and we will also dispense of these bottles correctly for recycling purposes.

Our race day pictures will be free to download and captured by Mick Hall Photos. Mick and his team will be located at the start/finish, and out on course so be sure to smile!  Ashman Media will be with us on the day to capture an event video. 
As soon as the pictures and videos are available we will post an update on our social media pages. Do bear with us as there will be lots to edit, it will be worth the wait!

Timing and results are managed by Nifty Entries, these will be available at www.runnorthwest.co.uk and on Nifty Entries as soon as possible after the race has finished. If you entered your mobile number into your entry details you should receive a text as you cross the finish line.
After the results are published, if you spot any issues or errors please contact Nifty Entries our results provider by clicking on the “query a result button”, or contact run@runnorthwest.co.uk where we will put you in touch with Nifty Entries.


Results for prizes will be given off chip timing.  Please note there is no prize ceremony for this race due to Covid restrictions and prizes will be posted out to winners.
Prizes will be awarded to the top three male and female runners, with additional prizes in all age vet categories, as well as male and female first team prizes.
Runners will only be eligible for 1 prize awarded (apart from the team prizes). If a runner is in the first five finishers of the whole race, they will receive the top five race prize, then the next vet from that category will receive the relevant vet prize. Results for prizes are taken from chip times.

For anyone who pre-ordered a finisher t-shirt, these will be available to collect before or after the race at the RNW Shop at St Ann’s Parade (SK9 1HG) – over the road from Race HQ.  They can also be collected at your convenience in the week after the event.

There will be a limited number of t-shirts available for anyone that hasn’t pre-ordered, these will be available on a first-come-first serve basis for £8.




This year's Wilmslow Summer 10K is supporting The Christie Charity, who provide enhanced services over and above what the NHS funds.

Gifts from the public make a huge difference to the care and treatment that The Christie is able to provide to patients and their families. We are proud to have raised over £75,000 for the charity so far with our Wilmslow Festive races and we can't wait to see what you all manage to raise for The Christie this year!


Our nutrition partners this year are VO2 Vegan and their Vegan Oat Snack Bar will be at the finish line to all our finishers which contains dark chocolate, peanut butter and beetroot and is proving very popular!  

Do you know why we put beetroot in our vo2 vegan bars?
Beetroot consumption improves your vo2 capacity.
Studies investigating the consumption of beetroot on exercise performance have found that it increases how long it takes a person to reach exhaustion by up to 15% during severe-intensity running.

Order your at www.Vo2Vegan.co.uk using discount code runnorthwest to get an exclusive 10 % discount.


Due to the event being held under Stage 3 Covid restrictions our Sports Massage Charity Partners, Harris & Ross will not be able to attend on the day but we have an offer below for you to take advantage of.


We appreciate with the current Stage 3 restrictions still in place that not everyone who has entered the Wilmslow Summer 10K will feel comfortable coming to the start line on race day.  With this in mind we have created a virtual option to allow you to still get involved, run the Summer 10K virtually and earn yourself our sparkly sunshine medal!

To opt for the virtual race, an email has been sent out around lunchtime on Wednesday 30th June (please check your junk if you haven't received this) with an option for you to switch your entry to this.

PLEASE NOTE: If you take the option to transfer into the virtual race, you will NOT have an entry to run the 2021 Wilmslow Summer 10K.  This virtual option is INSTEAD of joining us on race day.

Your race number will no longer be valid once you have transferred to the virtual option, but please feel free to wear your number for your virtual race if it helps to give you those race day vibes!

If you opt to run the race virtually and would like family and friends to join you who aren't already entered, they can enter now via our website:

Wilmslow Summer VIRTUAL 10k - niftyEntries.com

Finally, from all of us at the Run North West Team we just wanted to thank you again for all of your support during the uncertainty of last year and we can't wait to see you all on the start line on Sunday 11th July!